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​Noodle riceTarGenkyu


A shop where you can enjoy ramen that is gentle on the body made with no additives or chemicals.
Specially made dried sardines ramen" is a domestic whole chicken
The soup is made with only water and Ibuki dried sardines from Kagawa prefecture are blended with dried sardines from all over Japan.
Inside the shop, which is said to be small,
, clean and beautiful.


九段下 中路

Kudanshita Nakaji

“Red miso ramen”, which is popular for its rich and memorable soup, is made by stir-frying garlic, vegetables, and minced meat to bring out the sweetness of the vegetables and the umami of the minced meat.the process of transferring to a loopEach cup is carefully finished without missing.
"White Miso Ramen" is a blend of 4 types of white miso, including Hiroshima's sweet miso.



3 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Kudanshita Station, 7 minutes on foot from JR Suidobashi Station West Exit / JR Iidabashi Station, excellent access!
Ramen made with carefully selected domestic ingredients, natural soup stock, and no chemical seasonings. We offer a cup that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy with peace of mind.




Mr. Trucchio, who can taste the cuisine of the chef who is also called "the charisma of pasta". 7 minutes walk from Kudanshita station. Opened in 2002.

Unrinbo Kudan store​

A popular restaurant that always has a line at lunchtime


雲林坊 九段店​
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