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​ To participating fighters
Shorinji Kempo World Tournament | Matters to be Confirmed for Participating Kenshi

Confirmation items regarding participating kenshi
(Confirmation items for athletes)

[Available entry times to Nippon Budokan]

(admission time)

World Tournament (Domestic Preliminary)::October 7, 2023 (Saturday) Participant leaders: 7:45~ 

General viewing: 8:00~
World competition (finals):October 8, 2023 (Sunday) Conte
stant leaders: 7:45~

General viewing: 8:00~

【 timetable 】


(new) 2023 World Tournament_Timetable.pdf

not yet open for business

not yet open for business



[Notes to participantsmatters]

◆About accommodation◆

Each accommodationMake a reservation at Kenshiasked toTo do.

*For event organizers and travel agenciesPlease note that we do not intend to. ​

Reference search site

Jalan Rakuten Travel

◆ Manners in the Nippon Budokan

  1. Act with appropriate moderation and courtesy as a kenshi of the Shorinji Kempo Group.

  2. Do not take any actions that may cause inconvenience to Nippon Budokan, such as taking garbage home or leaving personal belongings.

  3. In addition, if you find any of the above acts or actions, not only will you be alerted, but you will also be disqualified from participating.
    A penalty may be given.

◆ About clothes

  1. About clothes, protective gear, weapons, etc. ・Clothes conform to the "Dress Regulations". Any violation of the rules will result in disqualification.

  2. Also, during the competition, you must not wear anything that could endanger your opponent or yourself.
    *Glasses, hard contacts, metal/plastic hairpins, accessories (necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.)
    *Barrette is made of rubber only.
    * If it is unavoidable that you must wear glasses, etc., please submit a report separately.

  3. Use of supporters and taping for purposes other than protecting the injured area is prohibited. (Must be requested at the time of registration for participating kenshi)

  4. Use of torso is allowed. (Shorinji Kempo Federation official protective gear only)

  5. Use of legal instruments and weapons is prohibited.

MissingAbout the place

  1. Verbal communication will not be accepted.

  2. It is recommended to apply for 1 or 2 alternates per group.

  3. Only if a regular participant is unable to participate due to some reason (injury or illness, etc.) by the day of the tournament,

  4. Accept substitutions for alternates. If a substitute will participate, the head of the participating group will promptly contact the event secretariat by fax or e-mail.

  5. It is permissible for a group that has entered with 8 people to cancel 2 people by the day of the tournament and perform with 6 people.

  6. Performing with 7 people is not allowed.

  7. A group that has entered with 6 people will not be allowed to demonstrate with 5 people. ​

◆ Regarding clothing and items that can be brought in

  1. As a general rule, bring only the minimum necessary clothing and valuables.
    *weapon or
    is prohibited from bringing in anything that conforms to it.

  2. The Executive Committee and the Budokan cannot take any responsibility for the loss of personal belongings inside the Nippon Budokan, so please manage yourself.

◆ About taking pictures and videos

  1.  ​Correspondence of the organizer side

    • In the venue, the event executive committee andand Undo Tsushinsha Co., Ltd. will be taking photos and videos.

    • Athletes/spectators in the venue/Stakeholders may appear in the video.

    • Please note that they may be exposed/published on the Internet on the day of the event, in advertisements after the event, and in TV/newspapers/magazines/WEB/SNS by interview media.


  2. ​Response to Tournament Participants and Officials

    • Viewing and photography from one seat away is prohibited. Since the tournament will be held in a large venue, it is expected that it may be difficult to see the competition due to the distance between the courts. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, such as preparing binoculars in advance.

    • *In particular, since seats for general viewers are reserved seats, photography is prohibited outside of the seats.

    • Flash photography is prohibited.

    • Tripod use is prohibited.

    • The use of power equipment at the venue is prohibited.

    • Please note that the tournament executive committee and Nippon Budokan will not be held responsible in the event of any trouble with portrait rights, etc.

◆ Infection prevention measuresabout

"Regarding the Basic Policy for Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus Infectious Diseases, etc.

We will establish a basic policy as a countermeasure against infectious diseases.

Each participant/supervisor and leader must confirm the content and thoroughly inform the participating athletes and related parties.

receiveThank you.

Thorough hand washing, gargling, and disinfection, inside the accommodation facility and when moving

 (1) Frequent hand washing and gargling before and after the competition and before meals in the accommodation facilities.

(2) In addition to disinfecting hands and fingers, participating athletes should frequently disinfect the soles of their feet.

(3) The executive committee will prepare disinfectants, etc., but please bring disinfectants that you can use inside and outside the venue.

Use everywhere.

(4) At accommodation facilities, strive for safety management based on the guidelines indicated by the government and facilities.

(5) When traveling to the event venue, avoid contact with others as much as possible.

(6) Due to the limited space in the changing room at the venue, athletes should change into their uniforms when they leave the hotel as much as possible.

However, in order not to disturb local residents, please wear a top and bottom jersey, etc., and do not move around in the uniform

refrain. (Make sure the obi is not visible.)


During the event period, if any related fact including infection occurs in the participants, immediately report it to the executive committee and

Rely on that judgment.

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