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​◆Information list◆

​◆Time schedule◆

スクリーンショット 2023-09-24 14.09.17.png

​◆About the celebration◆


◼️Tokyo Prince Hotel Shiba Park, Minato-ku 3-3-1 TEL03-3432-1111


◼️10/7 (Sat) 18:00-20:30 (scheduled) Reception starts from 17:15〜


​◆About admission◆

【Entry of players/leaders】

◼️ID cards for participating pugilists and leaders will be distributed to each affiliation at the west exit tent on the day of the tournament.
・Please refer to the attached list of affiliated reception desks and inform the person in charge of attending the reception number and affiliation name.

◼️Admission begins at 7:30 (from the 2nd floor southwest exit)

・Please make sure to wear your ID card around your neck and present it where it can be seen. It is also mandatory to wear one inside the facility.

※ID card required for both days.
・Please follow the instructions of the staff to enter.

【Admission for general visitors】

◼️Please be sure to bring the ticket purchased at Ticket Pia.

◼️Admission begins at 8:00 (1F west exit, 2F southwest exit)

・Please receive the lanyard etc.

*Please put your ticket in a neck strap, hang it around your neck, and present it in a visible position. It is also mandatory to wear one inside the facility.

*This is a 2-day ticket. A ticket is required for re-entry.


◼️Please note that if you lose your ticket, you will not be able to enter the museum or have it reissued.

*During the sales period ~ October 6, 2023 23:59 (Sun)

​◆Entrance image◆

日本武道館 正面玄関.png
日本武道館 入口

​◆Steps after reception◆


Nippon Budokan Information inside the building

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​◆Contestants to bring◆

Please prepare your own shoe bag

◼️Dogi, obi (according to qualifications), affiliation sleeve badge, bib

◼️ID card *Will be given on the day of the tournament.

​◆Pamphlets, list of participating kenshi,
commemorative items (towels, shoe bags)

【Pamphlets, a list of participating kenshi, and souvenirs will be distributed to those who lead the event.】

◼️We will set up a booth at the south exit on the 1st floor and will distribute tickets to each affiliation, so please refer to the affiliation registration list and have one representative come by.

◼️At that time, please tell us your reception number and affiliation name. Please note that you can receive them at any time during the tournament.

【Commemorative gift delivery start time】

October 7th 9:00~

October 8th 9:00~


​◆Management of valuables◆

◼️Manage it yourself.

*There have been many thefts at Nippon Budokan, so please manage it carefully. The organizing organization and the tournament executive committee will not be responsible for any loss or theft.

スクリーンショット 2023-09-24 14.25.51.png

​◆Regarding movement within the building◆

【Walking barefoot inside the facility is prohibited (barefoot is allowed only inside the arena and the middle dojo)】

◼️Please bring shoe bags to the arena and middle dojo.

*Since the entrance and exit of the arena are different, please bring your own shoe bag with you.

*Participating pugilists are recommended to bring shoes that are easy to put on and take off (slippers, etc.).

​◆About bento◆

【Lunch box delivery location】

◼️中道場棟 1 階※日本武道館を出て南の建物 控室1(日本旅行ツアーデスク)にて 引き渡します。

【Lunch distribution time】

◼️12:00-14:00 (both days)


◼️To reduce congestion, please come with 1 or 2 representatives.

◼️Empty boxes will be picked up only for applications made by Nippon Travel Co., Ltd. Bring it to the bento pick-up location by 3:00 p.m.


​◆Inquiries about bento boxes◆

◼️Nippon Travel Co., Ltd. Osaka Corporate Sales Department MICE Sales Department

◼️ 6F Yamaguchi Gen Building, 3-4-1 Bingo-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0051

◼️TEL: 090-6486-7010

◼️Business hours: Weekdays 9:30-17:30 (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


There will be no parking spaces reserved for participating pugilists or general spectators.

◼️Please check and use nearby parking lots on your own, or come by public transportation.

◼️Bus parking lots are also not guaranteed for this tournament.

◼️The tournament executive committee cannot be held responsible for any accidents or troubles that occur in the parking lot.


*The parking lot in front of Nippon Budokan is also open to the public and is not reserved for this tournament.

Please also note that this parking lot will be open from 8:00 a.m. until 30 minutes after the close of each day of this tournament.

​◆About shooting◆

Viewing and photography from your seat is prohibited.

◼️As the tournament will be held in a large venue, it is expected that it may be difficult to see the competition due to the distance between the courts. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, such as preparing binoculars in advance.


*In particular, since seats for general viewers are reserved seats, photography is prohibited outside of the seats.


◼️Flash photography is prohibited.

◼️ Tripod use is prohibited.

◼️Use of power equipment at the venue is prohibited.


・Furthermore, the tournament records will be used by the tournament executive committee and the Shorinji Kempo Group for the purpose of disseminating, teaching, and publicizing Shorinji Kempo.

・Depending on the news organization, it may be broadcast on TV news or other channels.

​◆Precautions when using the venue◆


◼️Please refrain from bringing large luggage (carry cases, etc.) as much as possible.

*Please manage your valuables by yourself.


◼️Please refrain from using pamphlets or luggage to reserve seats.

◼️The 2nd basement floor (arena, changing rooms, etc.) is prohibited to entry except for participating pugilists and referees.

◼️ Walking barefoot inside the building is prohibited. Please be sure to wear shoes when moving. Please prepare a bag to put your footwear in when entering the arena/Nakadojo.

◼️Please refrain from displaying club flags, prefectural federation flags, banners, etc.

◼️It is prohibited to bring drinking water into the arena. Eating and drinking is allowed in the bleachers.

◼️Please refrain from smoking inside the facility.

◼️Please take care of your rain gear in case of rain, such as putting it in a plastic bag.

​◆Regarding infectious disease countermeasures◆

◼️The tournament executive committee will prepare disinfectant alcohol, but individuals are also encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and make efforts to disinfect frequently both inside and outside the venue.

​◆About accident insurance◆

◼️Contestants and their leaders must purchase accident and liability insurance (sports safety insurance, etc.).

​◆About the list of participating kenshi◆

The latest list of participating kenshi will be posted on the entry list on the site at a later date.

◼️When we notified the list of pugilists in advance, we told them that we would inform them if there were any major changes in the order of performance, etc. However, there are many cases where corrections or entry applications are forgotten, so we are unable to respond individually. note that.

​◆About warming up◆

Warm-ups are only possible at the Naka Dojo inside Nippon Budokan.

​◼️It is prohibited in other places (aisles, lobbies, etc.). In addition, the following people can use the Naka Dojo for warming up.

【[First day Saturday, October 7th]】

◼️1st round participating pugilists... After entering the building, you can warm up at the "Naka ​​Dojo", which is the gathering place.

◼️Kentai participating in rounds other than those listed above... You can warm up at the "Naka ​​Dojo" after the start of the round before your participation. (Example) A pugilist participating in the 2nd round can warm up after the start of the 1st round.


* Space is limited, so please share your space with others.

【October 8th (Sunday) 2nd day】

◼️All participants on the 2nd day... You can warm up from the time you enter the building until 8:20.

◼️Assemble at the arena from 8:20am according to the instructions ・After the opening ceremony...After the start of the round before the participation round, you can warm up at the "Naka ​​Dojo"

​◆Regarding convocation/roll call◆

Convocation information will be announced on the in-house electronic bulletin board (announcements may be in English only).
*Individual calls will not be made at this tournament.

◼️Contestants and their supervisors should be careful not to miss the event.

◼️Convocation time (estimate) *Subject to change depending on the progress of the day.

【1st qualifying round】

◼️1st round pugilists...Gather at each court at 8:30 on the 7th (Sat)

◼️2nd round participating pugilists...Gather at the Naka Dojo on Saturday the 7th at 9:15am

◼️3rd round participating pugilists...Gather at the Naka Dojo on the 7th (Sat) at 10:40

◼️Fighters participating in the 4th round...Gather at the Naka Dojo on the 7th (Sat) at 12:00

◼️5th round participating pugilists...Gather at the Naka Dojo on the 7th (Sat) at 13:20


*For those participating in the 4R5R operation method, please follow the instructions above and bring your own protective gear.

【2nd qualifying round】

◼️A round participating fighters...Gather at the arena at 8:20 on the 8th (Sunday), then gather at each court after the opening ceremony.

◼️B Round Participating Fighters...Gather at the Naka Dojo after the opening ceremony on the 8th (Sunday)


*For those other than the pugilists presenting in the essay section: Gather at the arena at 8:20, and after the opening ceremony, gather at each court.

【 Final round 】

◼️A round participating pugilists...Gather at the Naka Dojo on the 8th (Sunday) at 11:10am

◼️B Round Participating Fighters...Gather at the Naka Dojo at 12:25 on Sunday the 8th.

◼️C round participating pugilists...Gather at the Naka Dojo on the 8th (Sunday) at 13:35

​◆Common matters for competition and presentation sections◆

We gathered at the Naka Dojo (the gathering place for the participating pugilists), and guided by placards, we moved to the arena and began the demonstration on each court at the same time.

【Precautions for warm-up exercises, performance and operation methods】

① Warm-up exercises are allowed around the court until the next group (no movements or loud voices that may interfere with the judging)

②When entering the court, respond to calls.

③ There is no need to enter or leave the court or bow to the referee. Please help us move forward as quickly as possible.

*Preliminary results will be announced on the page for those who passed the first round by 7:00pm on Saturday, October 7th.

*Preliminary results will be announced on the page for those who passed the first round by 7:00pm on Saturday, October 7th.

​◆Regarding selection and awards for the second round and final round◆

【The selection from the 1st round to the 2nd round will be as follows:】

◼️The events are divided into 3 courts, with the top 3 groups from each court

◼️The top 4 groups from each court will be selected for the events that are divided into two courts.

◼️The top 9 groups will be selected for the events held on one court.

【The number of teams selected from the second round to the final round will be as follows:】

◼️ Three teams will be selected from the Japan Federation for the final round.

◼️However, as the two events will be combined in the men's masters division and the men's 4th dan and above division, six groups will be selected.

*The men's masters division consists of 3 groups from men's masters A and 3 from men's masters B, a total of 6 groups.

*For men's 4th dan and above, there are 3 groups from general men's 5th dan and above, and 3 groups from men's 3rd and 4th dan, for a total of 6 groups.

【The selection from the second round to the final round will be as follows:】

◼️In principle, the selection will be based on the results of the second round.

*In exceptional cases, candidates will be selected using a selection method agreed upon in advance by the Shorinji Kempo Federation, the organizing organization.

​【About awards】

◼️The top 6 winners of the final round will win prizes.

◼️The top three places will be awarded medals at the closing ceremony.

◼️After the closing ceremony, certificates will be awarded to the winners.

​◆About “Presentation Department”◆

◼️After the demonstration, awards will be given at the Naka Dojo.

◼️Those who excel in operational methods will demonstrate their operational methods at the four countries' operational methods presentation on the 8th (Sunday).

*The announcement of the outstanding candidates will be posted on the competition results page.

◼️Kenshis who participated in the thesis section will wear dogi (including bib) and will receive an award on the court during the second preliminary round A on the 8th (Sunday).

◼️Winning papers will present their papers at the opening ceremony on the 8th (Sunday).

​◆About performance examination◆

◼️The performance examination will be based on the confirmation items for the world tournament.

◼️For the domestic first and second qualifying rounds, which are equivalent to the national tournament, in addition to the contents of the world tournament confirmation items, we will also provide examinees and judges training materials [2022-2025 edition] 2023 examinees and judges. Examinations will be conducted based on reference materials from the referee training course.

​◆Cases of disqualification◆

【If a participating pugilist violates the following items 1) to 7), he or she will be disqualified and will not be able to participate.】

1) Fulfilling responsibilities based on the membership regulations of the Shorinji Kempo Federation, a general incorporated foundation. (2023 active members)

2) Comply with regulations and rules.

3) Changes to the participating kenshi are not allowed (excluding substitutions with substitutes in group performances).

4) Dogi and obi (official) must be worn with sleeve insignia in accordance with the "Dress Code" of the "Shorinji Kempo Competition Rules".

5) Kenshi participating in the division of the Operation Law must wear officially approved protective equipment.

6) Wear the obi of your qualification at the time of application.

7) The bib must be attached to the center of the back of the uniform.

*No need to return

*Glasses, contact lenses, metal/plastic hair clips, and accessories must also be subject to the same requirements.

​◆Regarding cancellation/change of participation

◼️Please send until October 4th (Wednesday) to (PDF or Word)

◼️For changes made after October 5th (Thursday), please submit a cancellation notification to the tournament secretariat (general information) on the day of the tournament.


(1) Due to setup considerations, there will be no public practice the day before.

(2) Changing locations for participating kenshi, cancellation/change of participation for participating kenshi ・Changing locations for men are in the audience seats (you can also use the men's changing room in front of the Naka Dojo), and for women in the women's changing room (on the north side of the 2nd basement floor) Please use .


*Please refrain from storing your luggage in the changing area to prevent theft.

*You cannot access the women's changing room from the north staircase on the 1st floor. Go down to the second basement floor and move to the north side.

​◆privacy protection◆

◼️ Information about the kenshi participating in the tournament (names, affiliations, qualifications, etc.) will be published, introduced, and broadcast in tournament pamphlets, announcements, etc.

◼️Contest results may be published in the Shorinji Kempo Federation's newsletter, homepage, etc., or by recognized media outlets.


◼️If you are not confident about your health or have any concerns, please contact the staff at the 1F West Exit General Information Desk immediately.

◼️Please practice moderation in hotels, public transportation, urban areas, etc.

◼️Dogis are strictly prohibited in hotel lobbies, on the streets, and on public transportation.

◼️Please check the tournament guidelines and other related materials again.

◼️Please take your trash home with you. Dumping inside the gymnasium, surrounding facilities, stores, stations, and service areas is prohibited.

◼️Please check the Japan Travel Tour Desk for delivery services. (It will be shipped on the 21st, so please do not leave any items or valuables you will need the next day.)

◼️If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, you may be asked to leave the venue. We appreciate your cooperation in organizing the tournament.

​◆About emergency contacts◆

◼️During the competition period (until the end of the competition on October 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th),

If you have an urgent matter, please contact us at the number below.

Shorinji Kempo Federation General Incorporated Foundation Emergency Contact: 090-7266-5349

◼️This number will be a rental cell phone, so please do not call it on any days other than the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th (when the tournament ends).

◼️We cannot respond to voice messages etc. due to absence.

◼️Disclosure of this number to an unspecified number of people is prohibited. (Posting on SNS etc. is strictly prohibited)

◼️In principle, please contact the person responsible for attending.

◼️For inquiries regarding this tournament, we cannot answer phone calls to the Shorinji Kempo Federation Secretariat located in Kagawa Prefecture. (Until the end of the tournament from the 5th to the 8th)

◼️If the matter is not urgent, please contact the tournament secretariat by email.

◼️ Direct phone calls to the tournament venue (Nippon Budokan) are prohibited.


【About the Taikai】

◼️Convention Secretariat: General Incorporated Foundation Shorinji Kempo Federation Promotion and Promotion Department National Convention Secretariat

◼️3-1-59 Hondori, Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa 764-8511

◼️TEL: 0877-33-2020 FAX: 0877-56-6022



*From October 4th onwards, only emails will be accepted.

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